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Disgrace, disgust and dishonest were some of the few words that dripped venom as Russell Fabray spat them in Charlie’s direction, the rage surging within him, the anger so evident in his uncontrollable vocals. He had noticed the money disappearing, the longer hours at the café Charlie had been working. Each word stung harsher than the last, and Charlie could have sworn the bulging vein on his head was going to pop. “Get out of my house,” he hissed at the small blonde, gritting his teeth as darker hazel eyes were trained on her. “Daddy please, Quinn needs us—“ Her plea was cut off by her father’s raised hand coming into contact with her cheek, the sound of the slap resonating around the living room in echoes. Instinctively the blonde clutched the pulsating flesh in response, her tear brimmed eyes unable to hold back the tears she had struggled to keep at bay. “Get. Out,” Russell repeated as Judy watched on nervously from the couch, swirling her straw of her alcoholic drink. Charlie’s gaze shifted to her mother’s, glancing into her eyes as if to say “help me” – but her mother’s demeanor remained cold and stony, unchanged. It was almost as if she was unfazed by the scene unfolding in front of her. Of course, she chuckled dryly in her head. The mere thought of Judy helping out was unimaginable. Her parents had no qualms kicking Quinn out; they sure as hell wouldn’t care about kicking their other daughter out too.

The full reality of it hit her whenever she lifted her overnight bag into her car. She had been preparing for this since day one. Since that day that Quinn sobbed onto her shoulder and confessed her pregnancy. But all the preparation in the world couldn’t have helped her out, to lessen the pain and constricting feeling inside her chest. She was already standing outside the door of the only place she could go, to see the one person she had sacrificed everything for. When the door opened to reveal her sister, the younger blonde’s lips parted to say something, to say anything. “He kicked me out.” The sentence was void of emotions; the words coming across as forced and choked. “He kicked me out,” she repeated,  a sob overcoming her as Charlie rushed into her sister’s arms. 

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    It felt like a freaking century had passed before Quinn finally agreed. Her heart sank immediately as the words escaped...